Creating and touring your own show is a rewarding experience as an artist, but with so many moving parts, many struggle to do it successfully. That’s where we shine. Our industry veterans guide you through the entire process, collaborating with you on every aspect of your show. This includes concept, music, patter, staffing the band, arrangements, rehearsals, direction, press photos and EPKs, and ultimately bookings. Already have a director you love? Great! Need a musical director? Perfect! We meet you where you are and fill in every gap.

We also take care of all the gig details that often bog you down like flights, hotels, meals, negotiating musician pay, creating and sending tech riders, and the dozens of other contract specifics you shouldn’t have to worry over. The bottom line, we care about our artists and want you to be able to do what you do best—show up and deliver a great show. Because we believe nothing should stand in the way of your creative and financial destiny.